Altec Insulated boom truck has a articulating working height of 50 feet. A rated Line Voltage of 46KV provides the degree of safety required in today’s industry.
Elliott High Reach Boom/Material Handler has a working height of 45 feet. This versatile vehicle also has a lift capacity of 6,000 pounds to assist in the safe setting of a variety of electrical equipment.
Ford F650 Rack Body has a 16 foot long bed. A 26,000 pound GVWR package with a 3,500 pound Hydraulic Lift Gate insures the safe handling and transportation of heavy equipment and vast material.
Altec 55′ Insulated boom truck has a two man bucket equipped with a 1000lb jib winch. With a working height of 60′, it has a rated line voltage of 46KV. This vechicle is equipped with the latest hydraulic and captive air emergency shutoffs to assist in the growing needs of safety in today’s industry.
Elliott High Reach Boom/Material Handler has a working height of 65 feet. The three section boom allows for a more compact design to assist in close quarters while still maintaining the versatility of options such as a 6,000 pound crane to perform many rigging and setting tasks. This vechicle is also equipped with a 20,000 pound hydraulic bumper winch and capstan extension for a variety of large cable pulling capabilities to further provide a more complete service.
Elliott 17ton Stinger Truck is an extremely versatile truck that also utilizes a two man Arial basket with a platform reach of 80’, also equipped with a 300’ 7000lb winch and pulling capstan. This truck is used for transformer assembly, steel and switch yard erecting and material handle.
Altec 7500HT530 Reel Carrier and Pulling Truck-This versatile vehicle is Capable of holding 2 – 15,000 lb. Reels. Also equipped with 15,000 lb. capstan pulling head and 12,000 lb. 500’ Winch. This vehicle services large cable pulling projects and emergency service demands.
Elliot Model L60 F750 High Reach Boom/Material Handler has a capacity to Lift 6000LB with a 3 section boom for compact area assisting in close quarter picking and platform basket height of 60’.
Ford F450 fiber optic splicing truck with a working height of 38 feet. Equipped with 4 wheel drive, an onboard diesel generator, insulated boom/bucket. Used for overhead and underground utility fiber splicing and emergency repair.


Extensive power distribution and process control systems, including hazardous area construction, high voltage distribution and sophisticated instrumentation systems requiring expertise in insuring operational petrochemical plants meet the fuel consumption needs of today’s world.


Electrical construction in highly diverse environments, ranging from office buildings through to the most sophisticated research laboratories, process plants and manufacturing facilities incorporating the most modern validation and commissioning procedures to insure absolute product integrity for today’s health care needs.

Utility / Cogeneration

Construction of electrical utility power generating stations and transmission and distribution facilities to satisfy the needs of ever increasing public demand as well as construction of private sector cogeneration facilities which help allow local industry to remain cost effective in increasingly competitive markets.

Food / Beverage Production

Completely automated process control and conveyor system technology to insure that the demands of greater production to satisfy an ever-growing world are continuously met.

Automotive Assembly

Automated robotics and conveyor system technology, coupled with environmentally sound painting and finishing processes resulting in extremely cost effective production line increases which help to solidify client product market share.

Heavy Commercial

Installation of redundant power supplies for some of the most sensitive data processing environments, including parallel utility feeds, emergency generators, building electrical systems and un-interruptible power supply’s to insure continuous operation under the most extreme unforeseen power losses.

Fiberoptic and Data-Communication

Modern technology and equipment for installation of complete fiberoptic and data-communication networks, inclusive of certified cable installation, termination and testing.

Construction Management Services

Complete Construction Management Services including multi-trade direct hiring and third party subcontracting for select clientele searching for safe and cost effective maintenance and construction solutions.