Project Management

Dennis Cronin, Has over 25 years experience in the construction industry. He is knowledgeable in High Voltage and large commercial projects. Also serves as a union liaison between all parties of the project.
Leonard Bellanca, has over 20 years experience in electrical construction specializing in utilities, generation, and distribution. Is adapt at performing critical infrastructure work with demanding schedule restraints.
Mark Fiorletti, Has over 38 years of experience in Electrical Construction, having extensive knowledge in Power Generation, Power Utility and Petro-Chemical Projects. He is proficient in Operation Management, Project Management, Development, Estimating, Purchasing, Planning and Customer Relations with a proven track record in leading large scale projects to completion on time and within budget.
Rob Wood, Has over 22 years of experience in Electrical Construction specializing in, Power Utilities Distribution & Generation, along with Pharmaceutical Industries. He specializes in executing multiple large projects with critical path outages and infrastructure demands. Rob also does estimating & handles multiple schedule driven projects on budget and completed on time.
Dan Boublis Jr., A graduate of Villanova University with over 14 years of industry experience. He holds a NJ Electrical Contractors License and manages all phases of utility projects with critical outage paths. Dan’s management duties comprise of project scheduling, budget tracking and manpower coordination to assure all projects are delivered to the customer’s needs.