Robert J. Sagendorf, CHST, CSP, CUSP, ASP, CIT, SMS, CRIS

Corporate Safety Director has fourty years of experience in the manufacturing, industrial, and construction industry. He is responsible for all health and safety activities for construction as well as safety and health audits for all work sites. His duties include conducting safety meetings, training, new employee and subcontractor orientations, development of client site specific safety plans, and compliance measures for OSHA, NJDEP, and DOT. Other responsibilities include managing all medical, workers compensation, and general liability activities.

William J. Hartzell, CHST, CUSP, CSMC, CSHS, BBS, BPS

Safety Manager, has worked in Safety and Health in Construction, Warehousing, Transportation and Retail for 24+ years. He has developed curriculum and training programs approved and used by OSHA. Bill is the Safety Manager for our PT&D (Power Transmission and Distribution) division and is responsible for training and maintaining documentation for multiple projects. His duties also include conducting safety meetings, development and implementation of site/job specific safety plans/procedures and new employee orientation.

Michael Adelsohn CSP, CHST, CIT, IHS

Safety Manager with 9 years of construction safety and over 18 years of safety product expertise in industrial, petro chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. He is responsible for developing, implementing and managing safety plans for all Eii trades as well as clients. Michael’s duties include conducting safety meetings, compliance audits, site specific training and new employee/subcontractor orientations.

Paulina Mazurek

Field Safety Professional. Graduated from Bialystok University of Technology with degree in Management and Production Engineering and Postgraduate degree in Health and Safety Technician. Paulina is responsible for developing Site Specific HASP/JSA, conducts safety meetings, training, new employee orientation and performs on-site safety audits.

Edward Giunta, COHC, CUSP

A Safety Professional who has been in construction safety since 2008, originally specializing in high voltage transmission and distribution. Since joining the Eii team, Ed has been a part of projects ranging from Transmission and Distribution, Pharmaceuticals, Ship to Shore Cranes and Port work, Petrochemicals, and Specialty Chemicals. Ed is a driven individual who often works directly with Project Managers to plan jobs and provide solutions to questions that may arise.

Vincent Chesnowski

On Site Safety Professional, Vincent brings 35+ years of expertise in the construction industry working in substations and petro chemical facilities. He is responsible for overseeing safety and policy compliance for both EII and the customer.

Geoff Metje

Field Safety Professional with a Bachelor’s Degree from Rutgers University, Geoff brings 8 years of health and safety experience in the construction industry. Geoff is an OSHA 500 certified professional whose primary focus is utility work. Geoff’s responsibilities include safety equipment procurement, training, and maintaining training documents for multiple projects. In addition Geoff performs employee orientation training and site safety audits.

Brian DeAngelo

Welcome our newest Site Safety Professional, Brian has over 20 years with General Industry Safety with the New Jersey State Police as the Operations Officer for Central New Jersey. Brian comes to us with several areas that can make our job sites safer. Brian has experience in High Angle Rescue and confined space. Brian has trained over 500 Troopers in various areas of Safety throughout his career. He is currently in his second year with us and is working primarily in substations. He is overseeing safety and policy compliance for both Eii and our customers.